About Us

Tokyo Travels is brought to you by Kym, Chris and Eva.

Kym has lived in Tokyo for well over 15 years. She grew up in Minnesota, US father and Japanese Mother. Her father passed away when she was ten years old and her mother decided to return to her home country and raise Kym and her younger brother Sam. Kym has travelled extensively throughout Japan and has been calling Tokyo home for the past five years.

Chris is an English teacher in Tokyo and has been based there for 4 years. Teaching english at local community tea houses and also getting to learn the Japanese language himself.

Eva was born and raised in Tokyo, her father is a local businessman and raised by her grandmother after her mother passed away during child birth. Eva works in retail in the city, and likes to escape to the country on her days off.

Kym, Chris and Eva met each other at one of the local tea houses three years ago and travel extensively together when they can. This blog site is to capture there adventures and share the wonders of Tokyo and beyond.